Wireless CCTV Solutions

If you are on strict deadlines, or do not want to spend time and money on cable installations, wireless CCTV solutions could provide you with a quick and easy solution, without compromising on security.

How does Wireless CCTV work?

Wireless CCTV does not require any underground ducts to be installed, unlike most traditional services. You can still opt for IP, 3G or even COFDM transmitting with wireless CCTV. The only real difference is that our wireless cameras are easier to install.

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  • Quick, hassle-free installations

  • Could be completed in just one day

  • No Civil work required

  • Less planning needed than traditional solutions

  • Incredible value for money

  • Temporary installations options available

  • Trusted by Alton Towers, Warwick Castle and most UK local authorities

Why choose Wireless CCTV?

It is the ideal solution for the modern age and can save you time, money and hassle. You will not need to get planning permissions, block off roads or tear up your existing grounds and you can knock weeks off of your completion date.

What are the benefits?

Options available:

  • Rapid and re-deployable cameras

  • Covert and body worn cameras

  • Wireless mesh systems

  • IP, 3G, and COFDM transmission

  • Self healing networks

  • Licensed or unlicensed bandwidth

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