Remote Monitoring

Visual Intelligence Solutions offers remote monitoring that will give you peace of mind when you leave your premises unoccupied. Trained operators will monitor your site 24/7, allowing you to leave your property unmanned without any concern about security.

How does remote monitoring work?

Highly-trained experts can monitor your CCTV, access control, intruder systems and personal attack systems remotely and can alert you of any disturbances. Providing rapid response in accordance with your instruction, remote monitoring negates the need for manned guarding and is perfect for both domestic and business locations.

  • Fewer manned guards

  • Cost-effective

  • Integrated PA systems allow warnings to be given before a crime takes place

  • Suitable for off-site access control and building management

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What are the benefits of remote monitoring?

The majority of intruders leave the property when challenged, meaning your chances of preventing a crime are much better with remote monitoring. There are also additional benefits:

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