Fiber Infrastructure

Mechanical & Fusion Splicing

Fibre optic cable has now become a more favourable choice when looking to expand your network capabilities.

At Visual Intelligence solutions we have a fully trained and experienced team dedicated to providing a design and infrastructure solution, incorporating all types of fibre optic technology from singlemode to multimode cable and mechanical to fusion splicing.


The use of fibre optic cable not only provides a greater bandwidth for information transfer over various distances, ranging from floor to floor or building to building. It can also operate at high speed and offers a greater resistance to external influences in this form of electrical cables or electromagnetic noise.

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Singlemode & Multimode Cable Installations

At Visual Intelligence Solutions, we have completed a full and diverse range of fibre optic installations, both in singlemode and multimode applications.

Each mode having its own parameters and benefits to suit each individual installation or environment.


We can offer a full design, planning and installation of a fibre optic network from new or to strengthen and boost an existing network within your business. We feel with the addition of fibre optic to a network infrastructure, it not only future proofs the network but will aid the growth and development of the business.

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