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IP/Megapixel Solutions

IP CCTV is the most practical CCTV solution for the modern day. Connecting to your building’s existing IP network, our IP CCTV systems provide greater flexibility, take up less space and integrate seamlessly with your existing IP network.

IP networks differ from analogue as they work by turning all audio and images recorded on them into data. This data is then transmitted over your network or internet connection, meaning you do not have to compromise on the quality of your footage during compression.

As all IP CCTV systems run on your existing IP networks, installation is quick and easy. Your footage is easily accessible from your computer, meaning you do not have to install multiple screens to track your cameras. Security and installation could not be simpler, saving you time, hassle and money.

Mega Pixel Cameras

Many CCTV systems in use today provide compressed footage which is so poor that there is little chance of ever identifying anyone captured on camera. Mega Pixel is an IP system and therefore never compromises on quality, making it the best choice for anyone who is serious about security.

How does Mega Pixel CCTV Work?

  • Allows you to actively and clearly identify suspects

  • Up to 90 times higher resolution than analogue systems

  • Pictures so clear you can accurately identify facial features and markings

  • Cost-effective, scalable recording

  • Fewer cameras required, resulting in cheaper installations

  • Streamed management minimises bandwidth usage

  • Easily integrated with other security systems

  • Flexible and easy to upgrade to suit future requirements

Mega Pixel cameras allow incredibly detailed, high-definition footage to be viewed, stored and instantly recalled. Lossless compression ensures a level of quality so high it is suitable for use as evidence, in order to gain successful convictions.

Traditional analogue CCTV systems tend to produce poor quality footage, which can lead to being unable to confidently identify people. Thus footage can be rendered useless as evidence. Mega Pixel cameras use up to 29 megapixels, where as some traditional cameras use as little as a third of a megapixel.

Why choose Mega Pixel CCTV solutions?

The latest report from the Home Office data commissioner states that anyone with a CCTV system needs to have a reason for it, be it safety, security, deterrence or crime investigation. It also highlights that a common failing discovered with CCTV during police investigation is “recorded images are of a poor quality and not fit for purpose”, this is where our Mega Pixel CCTV solutions can provide a better outcome.

The high resolution provided by Mega Pixel cameras gives you the best chance of identifying a suspect in order to successfully gain a conviction and the image quality won’t fail you when you need it most. This means you will be more safe and secure with a Mega Pixel camera.

What are the benefits of Mega Pixel CCTV?

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