Various Applications

Advanced Technologies : with the use of high end IP based cameras, we are able to push the field of construction security to a new level. We use RD IP cameras to ensure that only the best quality images are used. Alongside this we utilise Advanced Video Analytics to detect various security threats that can compromise the integrity of your site. Video Monitoring Solutions can challenge any unwanted visitors on your site and alert you and the authorities to any malicious activities. Remote video sending can allow you to remotely monitor your site from your home or office.

What are the benefits and advantages of installing our applications?

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  • Fast playback and live images on PC, laptop, tablets, mobile phones etc.

  • Accessible from anywhere in the world*

  • Live video for multiple user recordings and event search simultaneously from anywhere in the world*

  • E-mail alerts and additional alerts are easy to set up

  • Intelligent recording-motion detection recording reduces amount of storage needed

  • No additional power sources required

  • Easy to monitor-software built into a camera

  • Thermal technology in Mobotix cameras

  • Built in microphone and speaker in certain models of cameras which allow 2-way audio


      * reliant on network availability

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