Integrated Systems

Visual Intelligence Solutions know that your security needs to develop over time, meaning you may need to add additional security measures such as CCTV, access control, automated gates or barriers.

How does security system integration work?

We offer easy system integration, enabling you to upgrade security as and when it suits and to combine various elements allowing the security system to be used to its full potential.

The sum is greater than the parts, so combining all of the products Visual Intelligence Solutions provides, means you can create the best security system you could have for your site. Hence, maximising the usage of every single part of your network, resulting in a first class system.

  • Easier management of your security

  • Optimised usage of your existing systems

  • One point of contact if errors occur

  • Vastly improved security of your site

  • Centralised, common operating environment for all systems

  • Easy to upgrade as required

What are the benefits of integrating your security system?

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Security system integration allows all your security systems to be managed by one common operating environment. This means that, if for instance, your fire alarm is activated, a signal will be sent to release your access control system to ensure no-one is locked in the building, while simultaneously showing you the CCTV footage. Thus, leaving you more time to focus on your business.

Why choose security system integration?   

As your security or operational needs change you may find you need to incorporate ad hoc security measures to your site and/or building. Integrating systems allow for easy and stress-free expansion, meaning your security network can grow as you grow and continues to keep you and your premises safe and secure.

Having all your security measures controlled by one operating system saves time, money and creates an easy to use hassle-free security system for your site. It also means that you only have one point of contact, should one or more of your systems fail, making maintenance of your security simple and easy to manage.

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