Healthcare Sector

Visual Intelligence Solutions understands that for the healthcare sector, protection of patients and staff is a top priority and the safety of all persons within the building is paramount. Your security needs to be discreet while providing the best coverage of your grounds to ensure all people within and around the building are protected and monitored where necessary.

The solutions we provide will be bespoke to your site and aim to not just improve your security but help you run your operations more efficiently, while monitoring staff, machines, doors and car parks, ensuring health and safety standards are met.

What are the options?


  • Analytics

  • Remote monitoring

  • Network Solutions

  • ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition)

  • Visual temperature monitoring (Thermal)

  • Facial Recognition 

  • Facial Time and Attendance

  • Rising bollards

From upgrading your network with the latest IP solutions to starting from scratch, Visual Intelligence Solutions offers separate and fully integrated services perfect for the healthcare sector. Below are some of the solutions we can provide.

To learn more about how Visual Intelligence Solutions can improve the security of your site contact us on 0141 363 9988. Alternatively, you can also reach us via email at