Encoding Services

Replacing your entire camera network can be expensive, time consuming and disruptive. However, keeping your old analogue system could cost you more.

Encoding improves the quality of your footage while still retaining your current camera network. It allows you to upgrade your network to the latest IP-based surveillance without replacing it, saving you time and money, while ensuring the safety and security of your site.
Avigilon’s award-winning encoding system allows you to upgrade from your analogue security systems with ease, keeping your current camera network in action so you do not have to face the cost of installing new cameras. By changing your old recorders to a server and encoders, playback on your existing cameras will be greatly improved.

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 What are the benefits of encoding?

  • HD analytics without loss of quality

  • Better identification accuracy

  • Pattern based technology brings more precise detail

  • Fast and easy to install, simple and quick to use

  • Can be used on your current camera network

  • Can be integrated with your access control and alarm systems

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