Construction Sector

Visual Intelligence Solutions can offer you unparalleled new build and refurbishment security installations and solutions, that cover you from the ground up. We are your perfect partner for the design and installation of your integrated security systems, having gained experience from many projects of various sizes.

Why choose Visual Intelligence for construction industry security?

Our experience in supplying the construction industry, means we understand the complexity of your security needs and can tailor make your security system to make sure every area that needs protecting is covered. Our full service solutions mean you do not have to search elsewhere for additional products, as we provide an all encompassing service.

From stand alone solutions to fully integrated systems, Visual Intelligence Solutions has you covered. Our team of highly trained experts can install your security quickly and efficiently, resulting in reduced time frames and interruptions to your work. Take a look at our security options below:

What are the options?

  • CCTV

  • Analytics

  • Remote monitoring

  • Network Solutions

  • ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition)

  • Asset Management monitoring 

  • Advanced Construction site security solutions 

  • Visual temperature monitoring (thermal)

  • Thermal imaging Solutions

  • Flood Prevention Solutions

  • Facial Recognition

  • Facial Time and Attendance

  • Access control

  • Gates/barriers

  • Rising bollards

Contact with us now at 0141 363 9988 to discover how Visual Intelligence Solutions can help fulfil your security needs. Alternatively you can send us an email at

We understand that setting up a camera network is not purely about security. Monitoring operations and ensuring they follow Health and Safety requirements is just as important. Our systems and solutions provide cutting-edge technology, that can enable you to monitor every detail of your operations, ensuring your staff and site are safe at all times.